Designing Beautiful Websites In Service to the Lord & His Church

Top 5 Reasons You Should Let Me Build Your Church’s New Website

  1. It’s completely free
  2. I’m really good at it.
  3. There are no monthly costs.
  4. It helps me pay for seminary.
  5. Yes, it really is free.

Daddy always said if you’re good at something, charge people a heck of a lot of money for it. Which, I guess, is a pretty sensible way to make money off of skills you may have.

At least, that’s what I thought when I decided that building websites would be the perfect way to help me pay my way through seminary.

Let me explain it!

After building a website for my own church, Christus Victor, I realized that churches often need very specific things out of a website, but don’t always have the funds to build a website that meets those needs.

They’re left with WordPress themes, Wix or GoDaddy website builders, and ever-increasing monthly costs.

Kinda sucks, to be honest.

I wanted to help out as many congregations as could! But the more I reached out to various congregations the more I ran into a problem: No one could pay for a website!

I started out with average prices for the kind of websites I put together, but that put me outside the reach of local congregations. I modified my prices, cutting them by more than half, but still couldn’t get a bite.

I modified my sales pitch to literally say, “Even if you think you can’t afford it, please let me help you.”

Finally I had enough. A church had just turned me down point blank, admitting that they needed a new website, but it wasn’t going to be in the budget for a while. I was upset! Did they not read my email?

So I emailed ‘em back. “Hey,” I said, “Just let me put together something for you before you tell me it’s not in the budget.”

This church’s response was so eye opening to me!

Mr. Sheppard, Thank you for your dilligence but I’m afraid you don’t understand: It doesn’t matter what you charge, it will be too much.

That’s when it hit me: If cost is the big barrier between you and a new website, then I’ll just remove the cost.

Everyone thinks I’m crazy, or that there’s some kind of hidden catch, but there really isn’t. I build websites for Confessional, Orthodox Lutheran churches completely free.

It is worth mentioning: I do take tips, if your church wishes to support me in my education, but the most I will ever ask for is a referral.