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Top 5 Reasons You Should Let Me Build Your Church’s New Website

Admit it: You’re here because I sent you an email out of the blue about your website. Which means you need an update.

You know it, I know it.

Here’s why I should be the guy that does it:

I’m really good at it.

Seriously. Look at this beautiful work of art right here! It’s built mobile first - just like everything I do. It’s fancy. The copywriting is wonderful (if I do say so myself….). Don’t believe I always put out work of this caliber? Check out my Portfolio

There are no monthly costs.

Every website I build is hosted through a private Git repository. That means all of the changes are logged forever (so we can always go back to a previous version, if you want). More importantly: It means you don’t have to pay a monthly hosting cost.

It helps me pay for seminary.

I’m going to college to be a preacher, which isn’t exactly something I planned on doing with my life initially, but here we are! And, as it happens, preacher-school is pretty dang expensive. And my day job just doesn’t flow with cash like that.

I can help you do good at the Google magic

All of the websites I build are done with local search in mind. More people that ever are using their phones and a googlin’ what services and products they need. I can make sure you end up at the top of that list!

I’m actually so good at it that I once had a client terminate a contract with me because he wasn’t prepared for the volume of business I was sending him and he was getting overwhelmed. (Yes, this seriously happened. It was an HVAC company. Weirdest reason to terminate a marketing agreement ever….)

Other people have trusted me, and so should you.

You should trust me because other people have also trusted me. I’m not a Nigerian prince who is seeking to shelter his fortune in the Americas! I’m an American guy with a wife and a job and some cats. The last person that trusted me got a great website!

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